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halperin Innovation and Industrialized
  Developments in Houses Design.
Houses are designed as a system adaptable to the different
needs regarding Dimension, Uses, Functioning, Equipment,
Bio-security, Weather, Ground, etc.
  Structure that works as a net
  Porticos of galvanized tube with ridge-pieces,
  constant section and variables.
  Galvanized Purlines type “Z” with overlap water orl
  lengthwise and with tale downwards that avoids
  dust accumulation and making impossible rat
  circulation on them.
  Perfect Geometry for Tunnel and Black-Out.
  Articulated support that transfer little load to the
  Fast assembly.
  Accessories, Riel and Egg Collector Trolley
  For installing all the equipment. Made fully in
  galvanized steel, excellent working and durability.
  Sanitary Nucleus
  Production of sanitary nucleus industrialized
  resulting easy and fast assembly.
  All our products are galvanized.
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