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halperin Who We Are
Private Enterprise, Metallurgical Argentina, Oriented
Processing of Agricultural Production
Our Criteria
Us are included in membership Groups:
Productive Business Sets different value chains.
bullet   Analyze the main needs of these groups.
bullet   Try to give solutions with multidisciplinary teams.
bullet   We strive to be:
Respectful, Careful, Relevant.
bullet   We ensure that there is consistency between
    what we say and do.
Groups of Belonging
Customer Value Chain:
bullet   Argentina Poultry
bullet   Latin American Poultry
bullet   World Poultry
Vendor Value Chains:
bullet   Steel and other building materials
bullet   Metalworking light and heavy
bullet   Argentina
bullet   Latin
bullet World
halperin Main Tasks in Argentina
  Plant Alem, Bernal - Quilmes, Pcia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
  Halperin Rocha
  halperin bernal
halperin Our History
  Ours is a family business that has been dedicated to the items Metallurgical and
  Building since 1960. We've known for being innovative and create products to meet the
  needs of production and economic development will pose to our societies.
  The relevance of our analyzes and proposals, the excellent quality of our products and
  the decision to work for large groups more productive, has positioned us as American
  and world leaders in our field.
  We have the flexibility to have different own complementary areas:
bullet   Metallurgical Company, a modern industrial plant of 6,000 m2,
  equipped with robotic welding lines.
bullet   Technical and Procurement Office that allows us to carry out projects in
  all countries of Latin America
bullet   Bureau of Foreign Trade, with extensive experience.
bullet   Construction Company, for Civil Works and Erection, at this time in
  Venezuela, we can open the same operation in other countries.
We have provided materials and / or works constructed by more than 5,000,000 m2 in
all countries of Latin America, the Caribbean Islands and South East Asia.
Alem 1051 Bernal - Quilmes, Pcia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel.:/Fax: (54-11) 4252-4043 / 4301-4044