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halperin Complete Modular Hospitals
  Suitable for Covid-19

Designed under the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and high biosafety standards


It includes:
1 Income and Logistics module
3 PIP Primary Hospital wards, with 546 beds
1 Intermediate Therapy Internment module,
with 98 beds
1 Intensive Therapy Internment module,
with 98 beds

  Total Hospital: 742 beds

1 Clinical Analysis Laboratory
1 operating room with 2 operating rooms
Support Facilities and Logistics
Possibility of attaching the External Office Pavilion

We adapt these projects to your needs and possibilities
halperin Primary Hospital Ward

Basic module called the Primary Hospital Ward (PIP), can be used individually or as part of a CHM Modular Hospital Complex.


Our Modular Construction System allows us to easily deliver Modules of many sizes to suit each particular requirement.


The modules can range from simple hospitalization modules for primary patients with minimal conditions to modules suitable for working with isolated and highly complex hospitalization areas.


Once the emergency is over, they can be completed with more high technology and remain as lasting extensions of hospitals. They can be raised and moved to be re-assembled as USP Permanent Sanitary Units, in remote areas and lacking Sanitary Rooms, and can also be used as Multipurpose Rooms, Offices, Dependencies.

"The fight against this Pandemic must be based on Isolation and Biosecurity"

We offer the Complete Hospital to operate autonomously from existing hospitals, since it has been seen that in several hospitals' biosecurity has partially expired and could surely affect the health of health personnel.

Hospital Halperin
hospital halperin
16.10 m x 90.22 m modules, total capacity 182 beds
hospital halperin

The modules can contain one bathroom per sector, in order to reduce patient transfers and maintain a more severe degree of isolation.
These baths are provided with the Complete Installation of Sewer Drains (Pipes, Chambers, etc) or with Chemical Baths, which will not need Drains.



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